Ratanmahal Sanctuary – A Weekend Getaway’s Itinerary

Ratan Mahal

This trip had surely served the purpose of giving us a proper refreshing break from our routine schedules. Being so much mesmerized with the peace of the place, we did not emphasize on leaving the place as per our schedule.

Daman – A Boozing Destination for Gujarat


Diu and Daman, a Union Territory in India near Gujarat. Both of the places are not next to each other in the map of India. And both the places are completely different in terms of everything. The reason people visit these places is also different. Diu has a lot of places to visit and hence…

Idariyo Gadh – A Hill with steps, rocks and more than 15 places worth visiting on the hill itself


Idar is a small town in the state of Gujarat. Idariyo Gadh is the highest Hill in Idar. The Palace of Idar named Daulat Mahal was built by Maharaja Daulat Singhji on the highest hill in the town of Idar. The view of the complete town from the hill is very mesmerizing. But you will…

A complete two days Itinerary of an Adventurous Trip to Polo Forest.


We keep searching for new places to explore and this time while searching a new place we came across an adventurous weekend camp to Polo Forest by Invincible NGO. We booked a trip for 15th and 16th July 2017. Following is the complete Itinerary of our two days adventurous trip to Polo Forest. This was…

POLO FOREST – Experience Nature, Heritage and Adventure in its Real Version


I always used to wonder how fearful it must be to be in the deep forest on seeing any forest scenes in the movies. Yes, I used to fear from being into a JUNGLE. But my trip to Polo Forest helped me overcome my fear from the deep forests and actually made me Love the…