DIU – An Island Of Beaches In Gujarat

Diu is a beautiful small island in the Union Territory of Diu and Daman in India. Diu is one of the best weekend Getaways from many locations in Gujarat. Actually a minimum of three days is required for justifying all the major attractions in Diu. Sunrise and sunset, both give you an awesome feeling at many of the beaches in Diu.

Diu is usually defamed by naming it as a place visited only as a boozing destination by the people of Gujarat. The place is visited equally by the non-drinkers of Gujarat. You will find people of all age groups there, groups of friends, individual families, groups of families and even colleagues are commonly found there. The first time I visited Diu was for a meeting arranged by my company I used to work for. Later on I visited Diu for three more times, two times with friends and once with my family.

The Arabian Sea is experienced with a variety of different flavours in Diu. Every beach in Diu represents a different Arabian Sea. The water of Arabian Sea changes its appearance and its behaviour on every single beach in Diu. Following is the list of some beautiful beaches in Diu :

Nagoa Beach

The best beach for us in Diu is the Nagoa Beach. It is the most popular and hence the busiest beach in Diu throughout the year. Nagoa Beach is the most suitable beach to swim and splash into the water. People sit on the shore to get carried away by the water. The waves at the beach are at their best after 5 in the evening. Nagoa Beach offers a wide range of water sports like parasailing, banana rides, Jet ski, speed boat and many others.

Ghoghla Beach

Another popular beach in Diu is the Ghoghla Beach which also remains crowded throughout the year. The golden sand of the beach attracts the tourists on a greater extent. Ghoghla Beach is the largest beach of the Diu Island. People are found enjoying the water sports like parasailing and surfing. Ghoghla Beach has the highest number of Beach Resorts in the Diu Island.

Jallandhar Beach

Lord Krishna had killed a demon named Jallandhar there and this named the beach as the Jalandhar Beach. There is a small shrine made on the shore of this beach. The Beach is not suitable for swimming or entering into the water because of the sandy nature of the shore. But the Beach provides a lot more than just swimming…. There is a summer house on the shore that allows you to enjoy the pleasant, silent evening by the shore of a beautiful beach. We normally reach there by the sunset, the time when the beach is at its best, and spend some quality time there.

Chakratirth Beach.

Chakratirth Beach is another gem of Diu. The beautiful Beach has a very beautiful surrounding. You can definitely enjoy the water of the beach but there are no water sports on this beach. The Beach has a wonderful Memorial on a hillock. INS Kukhri Memorial is built in the remembrance of the captain and his team to acknowledge their sacrifices in the 1971 war between India and Pakistan.

Gomtimata Beach

Gomtimata Beach is also known as Vanakbara Beach because it is in the Vanakbara Village. Gomtimata Beach is in the west most part of Diu. It is beautiful rocky beach which attracts the tourists there, but it is not preferable to swim or get into the water because of the unusual high tides coming to the shore of the Gomtimata Beach.

There are a few things very common in all the Beaches of Diu….. they allow you to capture some beautiful memories that you are sure to cherish for the lifetime…..

Apart from the Beaches listed above, Diu also has many attractions to be visited. Stay connected to hear about them.

Happy Travelling……………..


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