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Diu is a beautiful small island in the Union Territory of Diu and Daman in India. Diu is one of the best weekend Getaways from many locations in Gujarat. Actually a minimum of three days is required for justifying all the major attractions in Diu. Sunrise and sunset, both give you an awesome feeling at many of the beaches in Diu.

Diu has some beautiful beaches for sure but the other side of the story is also beautiful. Diu has some wonderful attractions other than the beaches which are definitely worth visiting if you happen to visit Diu. And if you want to know about the beaches of the Diu – Read our blog DIU – An Island Of Beaches In Gujarat. Some of the must to be visited places in Diu are as follows :

Diu Fort


No wonder, Diu Fort is one of the Seven Wonders in the world out of all the Portugal Monuments built in the World in the Portuguese Colonial Rule. You need approximately 2 – 3 hours of quality time to justify the magnificent structure of the Fort. There are many segments in the Diu Fort and each segment shows a different view of Diu. The top most part of the Diu Fort provides you with a mesmerizing view of the Arabian Sea as well as Diu. There are many well preserved cannons and cannon balls, mainly bronze made, which are visible throughout the Fort. Another eye-catchy view from the Diu Fort is the Pani Kotha (or Fortim-Do-Mar). Pani Kotha is not accessible to the tourists. At one end of the Diu Fort is the Light House which is said to be the highest point of the Diu Island.

Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple


Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is a Cave Temple, a waterfront shrine which is submerged by the Arabian Sea. It is similar to the Stambeshwar Mahadev Temple (or Kavi Kamboi ) in this aspect. At both the temples, the waters of the Arabian Sea come to offer prayer to the Lord Shiva. We love this place a lot. The Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple has its ancient significance too. The temple has a wonderful surrounding that provides an awesome panoramic view. The Best view is when the tides of the Arabian Sea come to submerge the Shiva Lingas.

St. Paul’s Church


St. Paul’s Church is the Best representation of the Baroque Architectural style of the Colonial reign in the Diu Island. The intricate wooden carvings in the Church are worth acknowledgement. A different type of peace is felt in the Church. Somebody asked us not to get pictures of the Interior of the Church. The energies felt in the Church or the Vibes of the Church do not allow any kind of lightning effect and hence the pictures clicked in the Church are not that clear.

INS Khukri Memorial


The Chakratirth Beach has a wonderful Memorial on a hillock. INS Khukhri Memorial is built in the remembrance of the captain and his team to acknowledge their sacrifice in the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. The Memorial displays the model of the INS Khukhri – the Indian Naval Ship.

Diu Museum


St. Thomas Church is the oldest Church in the town. St. Thomas Church has now been converted to the Diu Museum. The Diu Museum today is a house to a large number of stone inscriptions of the ancient rulers, many antique statues, wooden carvings and much more. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the Museum. Evenings are the best time to visit this place. The multi-coloured fountains and the special light effects in the evenings attract the tourists to this place.

Dinosaur Park


Children will definitely love to see this park. Dinosaur Park is a well built and well maintained park show casing the large variety of Dinosaurs. The park is on the shore of the Nagoa Beach and the Nagoa Beach is accessible from the park as well.

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