GALTESHWAR – A Perfect Blend Of Religious And Water Body Fun

Galteshwar is a sweet place approximately 65 kms from Vadodara. This place has a temple of Lord Shiva – Galteshwar Mahadev Temple on the coastline of the Mahi River which makes it a combo of Religious and Water Body Fun. It is a perfect one day picnic spot from Vadodara.


Galteshwar Mahadev Temple is a beautiful temple with so many beautiful carvings on the outer sides of the walls of the Temple. The architecture of the wall has stories depicting the life of Humans from the birth till death, it has the images of some Gods and Goddesses as well. The temple remains filled with the devotees throughout the year. The number of devotees increases in the vacation period due to the water body adjoining the temple.


Now, let’s discuss about the water body…… River Mahi flows with its majestic waters through the coastline. There is a small waterfall that starts in the rainy season only. Enjoying the waterfall there is a real fun. Though it does not fall from a height but the force with which the water falls, it is a mind blowing waterfall to be enjoyed in the rainy season. Check out the image below.

The location doesn’t has any restaurants or hotels, but it has many stall of various items, sugarcane juice, lemon juice, different types of sodas, bhajiyas, corn – boiled as well as roasted and many more……. Get into the water, have fun, come out to bite on some snacks and again jump into the water to have  fun, anyone can easily spend almost a complete day there.


As we all know, every story has two sides, let’s see the other part of the story….. The water is accessible for the normal people to some extent only as it becomes quite deep after a point and so nobody is allowed to go there as a few visitors have already lost their lives there. The good part is that proper warning boards and HIGHLY ALERT SECURITY PEOPLE have been appointed there, who do not allow people to go to the deeper areas. Sindhrot Check Dam seriously need such security people.

We believe that our enjoyment lies in our hands only, and so we should take care of ourselves as well people around us so that our enjoyment does not  end up in some tragedy. Please keep safe while you are in any sort of water body.

Happy Travelling……..




  • Bhavik Patel (#)
    May 17th, 2018

    How much water at galteshwar now??

    • Mona (#)
      May 20th, 2018

      The water level is bit low, but still you can enjoy it in this summer time.


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