Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh : The Land of Snow

Himachal Pradesh is a state in the Northern Part of India. The only state in India with so many Hill Stations, so many places to visit. Himachal Pradesh is a heaven for all the Snow Lovers. The state is filled in with so many surprises in the form of its Natural Beauty. Himachal Pradesh has so many things to offer to its tourists like Paragliding, Mountaineering, Skiing, River Rafting, Ice Skating, Trekking, Horse Riding and many more. The State has so many mountain peaks that still keep challenging to conquer them. The best place in India to relax and to have a wonderful break from the routine life.

Here are a few places that we have visited in Himachal Pradesh :


Shimla justifies being the capital of Himachal Pradesh in all the ways. The beauty of Shimla also made the British declare Shimla as their capital for Summers. Shimla can be visited throughout the year as it has a pleasant weather in all the seasons, of course with a below Zero degree temperature in the Winters.


Manali is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh and hence is referred as the Queen of Himachal Pradesh. Its beauty attracts almost everyone to visit Manali. Manali is an ideal combination of a Honeymoon destination as well as a Trekking destination. It has many beautiful snow points like Rohtang Pass, that offer many sport activities, religious places like Hadimba temple, Manu Temple & Vashisth Bath, Jogini Waterfalls and the very famous Tibetan Monasteries.

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Most popularly known as Kullu – Manali, It is the third most visited tourist destination. Kullu Valley is also known as the “Valley of Gods” and hence is very rich in its cultural heritage which is clearly visible in the pilgrimage sites there. One of the attractions is The Great Himalayan National Park that is a natural residence to a variety of beautiful birds and animals of Himachal Pradesh.


Solan, another must visit place in Himachal Pradesh, has a few more names, “The Mushroom city of India” and “City of Red Gold” which are more popular than the real name Solan. The names clearly suggest the production capacity of Mushrooms and the Red Gold (Tomatoes). Along with these, the city is also known for its attractions like Menri Monastery and Kuthar Fort.

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Dalhousie, a very beautiful and a wonderful destination of Himachal Pradesh. It is actually one of our Best locations as it gave us an opportunity to conquer a 10k feet mountain peak, Dainkund. Believe us, it was the most amazing experience of our lives. It is more popular as an adventure sport. Named after Lord Dalhousie, the British Governor in the 19th century, Dalhousie has retained its colonial look of that time accordingly. Kalatop Wildlife Reserve, The Dainkund Peak, Khajjiar and Chamera Lake are a few of the attractions of Dalhousie.

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Khajjiar, more commonly known as the “Mini Switzerland” of India, is another awesomely beautiful place of Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as the Gulmarg of Himachal Pradesh. It can be visited throughout the year due to its very pleasant and appropriate weather. Khajjiar Lake and Chamera Lake are the major attractions of Khajjiar. A huge area filled up with green meadows with a beautiful lake in its center makes the place look like a dreamland.


Another important place of Himachal Pradesh, with a popularity of something different for people to expect from Himachal Pradesh. Chamba is more famous for being a pilgrimage place and a historical destinations with many Forts and Temples. Bhuri Singh Museum is also one of the attractions of Chamba.


Mandi is more popularly known as “Varanasi of the East” or the “Choti Kashi” and obviously the reason is the ancient temples of Mandi. It is a famous tourist place with several interesting trekking points around it, so many beautiful lakes, a Fort, and a popular sport named Bandy which is similar to ice hockey.


Dharamshala is a beautiful place surrounded with the snow cladded mountains on three sides and a valley on the fourth side. It is also famous all over the World for its occupancy by the Tibetan refugees and is being visited by many in the world for the same. Pine trees and tree gardens are the attractions of Dharamshala. Monasteries, Lakes, Kangra Museum and Kangra Fort are a few more attractions of Dharamshala.

You must have noticed so far that majority of the places in Himachal Pradesh have been given other names which have become more popular than their real names. This proves that people have loved these places for what they have in surprise to offer a tourist.

Stay connected with us for updates on more such places of Himachal Pradesh. Lets hope, soon we get a chance to visit the remaining places of Himachal Pradesh.

Happy Travelling…………………..


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