Weekend Destinations – Beaches In And Around Mumbai

Visiting a Beach on the weekend probably is always the best choice for any unplanned trip. The free flowing water obviously has that magical powers of rejuvenation.

Mumbai is usually known as the most busiest city in India. Maybe because of the busy lifestyle that Mumbai offers to its inhabitants, it also has a lot of options for the people there to find peace and relax.

Gorai Beach

One of the most peaceful beaches in Mumbai. We were really thankful to one of our friends’ for suggesting us this wonderful Weekend Getaway from Mumbai. We had specially visited Mumbai just for the weekend to be spent at this wonderful location. It has so many options for stay on the beach itself. Once you enter the circumference of the beach you start getting those relaxing vibes which are awesome. You never feel you are anywhere near Mumbai. The place is just the opposite to the atmosphere in Mumbai. Many people specially the collegians visit Gorai Beach just as a one day picnic spot. Your visit to Gorai Beach is definitely going to leave you with a lot of lovely memories and the peace that stays for a long.

Madh Island Beach

Here comes the most Heavenly Beach in Maharashtra. Madh Island Beach is the most cleanest beach in the state. The beach is the most famous location in the state for many reasons. Many Bollywood Movies and Beautiful parties have been witnessed by the wonderful Beach. There are a lot of options to explore at the Madh Island. The “Madh Fort” and the “St. Bonaventure Church” are the two most ancient architectures of the Madh Island. Both the architectures were built by the Portuguese. The Beach also has many stay options including a few 5 star hotels. The hotels regularly have their DJs playing songs according to the parties they are hosting. You can participate in any of the parties going on the beach. The Resorts on the beach are the best place to experience the royal treatment.

Dahanu Beach

Are you a long drive enthusiast??? Lets’ go a bit far from the city of Mumbai now. A very peaceful and a very relaxing drive to the wonderful beach. Dahanu Beach is a popular one day picnic spot for people in Maharashtra as well as Gujarat. It is also famous by the name Dahanu Bordi Beach. The reason behind the same is that the coastline of the Dahanu Beach extends till the Bordi Beach. Speaking with facts and figures, the Bordi Beach is about 15 kms from the Dahanu Beach. So it’s very clear that both the beaches will be giving you a similar experience. You can reach to either of them as per your convenience. Dahanu Bordi Beach is very famous for it’s chickoo plantations and as a religious abode for the Zoroastrians. Udwada, a place easily accessible from the Dahanu Beach is popularly known as the “Mecca of the Zoroastrians”.

Marine Drive

Want to recharge yourself during a weekday schedule in Mumbai? There are many options like Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, Dadar Chowpatty Beach, Chowpatty Beach where the Mumbaians normally hang out to release the pressures faced by them whole day long. Of-course, one will be visiting the nearest beach or the one that comes on the way to home. But, believe me, Marine drive is the best beach within the city area to relax. If you are in search of serenity and solace, Marine drive leads the list. Obviously you won’t be alone there, even if you reach there in the midnight. But it is so silent and peaceful that the crowd near you doesn’t bother you. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mumbai. It is also known as the Queen’s Necklace owing to its C-shaped structure. Like other beaches, you won’t find food options on the beach. But you can walk around a little to find many food junctions there. Yes, you can find a few food vendors strolling around the beach to sell a few snacks to nibble upon.

Juhu Beach

Again a famous tourist attraction in Mumbai. This beach usually remains overcrowded on weekends. The reason behind this is the popularity of the beach as a picnic spot. The food court at the Juhu Beach easily demonstrates “The MUMBAI STYLE” street food famous throughout the India. You get all the options of snacks to munch upon here. There are many activities for children as well as elders on the beach to entertain the tourists there. “ Beverly Hills of Bollywood ” is another name given to the Juhu Beach as the peaceful surroundings of the beach is home to many Celebrities.


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