Daman – A Boozing Destination for Gujarat

Diu and Daman, a Union Territory in India near Gujarat. Both of the places are not next to each other in the map of India. And both the places are completely different in terms of everything. The reason people visit these places is also different. Diu has a lot of places to visit and hence it needs at least a three day’s time to properly justify it’s beauty. On the other side Daman has only a few options to be visited. If you want to know more about Diu, click here.


Lets explore Daman now. Daman is divided into two parts – Nani Daman and Moti Daman. Strange words? Nani Daman (here nani, which is a gujarati term means small) and Moti Daman (here moti, which again is a gujarati term means Big). Nani Daman on the contrary to its name is the larger region of Daman and has almost all the attractions. While Moti Daman is the residential area and covers a smaller region of Daman. And hence Moti Daman is not much visited by the tourists.


There are two beaches in Daman namely Devka Beach and Jampore Beach. Nani Daman has Devka Beach whereas Moti Daman has Jampore Beach. Devka Beach is a bit more popular and so more visited out of the two. Both the beaches are worth visiting but not much worth getting into their waters. The beaches there give you the best experience of relaxing on the coastal shore. Enjoying alchohol with some snacks is the most common scene there on any weekend. Gujarat is a dry state and may be this is the reason behind most of the people found on the beaches of Daman are found to be from Gujarat. Mainly people from Surat, Vadodara and a few more places near them find Daman a place to relax as a weekend trip. Obviously Alchohol is not the only attraction because you will also find families enjoying on the Beaches there. But Daman has been famous as the Boozing destination for the people in Gujarat.


There are many stay options on the Devka Beach. There are a few wonderful resorts and five star hotels on the beach itself. Of course there are other “Hotels in Budget” category hotels as well. Obviously these hotels are a bit far from the beach, a few even at a walking distance from the beach. And believe us walking from the hotel to the beach is also a wonderful option. You get so many food junctions on the way to the beach. You can choose from whatever you feel like having. And if you eat eggs, there is a wonderful egg junction on the main road that leads to the beach. They have a long list of egg varieties, and they are yummilicious.


We had stayed there in Silver Sand Resort which is at a walking distance from the beach. I wanted some booking on the beach resort but due to the sudden plan and the season we did not get any accommodation in the hotels on the beach. But we did not regret our decision of staying in Silver Sand Resort. The hospitality, swimming pool, food and the location – everything was quite satisfactory through out our trip.


The only stay option on the Jampore Beach is Hotel China Town. Other than the food stalls on the beach, Hotel China Town is the only sea faced hotel as well as the food junction in the area. The food stalls at the beach get closed with the setting Sun. There are a few precautions you need to take, if you plan to visit Jampore Beach. Moti Daman, being a residential area does not provide any transport for the tourist to reach Nani Daman after the Sun sets. Local people at Moti Daman go to bed very early. And the last public transport available from Jampore Beach is at 6:45 in the evening. So staying at the Jampore Beach after 6 PM is possible only if you have your own vehicle.


Let’s explore the other options to be visited in Daman. Talking about the forts, there is a fort in Nani Daman and another one in Moti Daman. But the fort famous as the tourist attraction is the one in Nani Daman. Church of Bom Jesus and the Daman Memorial are the other attractions in Nani Daman. You can visit all the attractions in a day’s time and then spend a good time on the beach enjoying the sound of water splashing on the stones of the Beach. With or without alchohol, with family, friends or your partner in your crimes, you will definitely enjoy your trip to Daman.


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