We usually keep asking people about some new place nearby to visit so that we can go for getting a break from our daily routine. Vacation period is the time with all the places worth visiting completely packed with all the ages of people found enjoying themselves in some or the other way……..

Children daily keep following their parents to take them out as it’s their vacation time. Today’s Generation…..  We all know how they are……..

Their TO-DO List starts with the things Warned them NOT-TO-DO…….

I had never visited the Dam until that day….. 10th June 2015.

A fine Monday morning, I got a call at 10.10 am in the morning, a horrifying voice from the other end said “Come Fast…… We are at the Sindh Rot Check Dam and one of our friends has drowned here….. People here say we won’t be able to get him back now…….. Please come fast and save him………..”

I was approximately 20 kms away from the Sindhrot Check DAM, so reaching there before he is taken away by the water seemed to be a nightmare.

His friends tried saving him a lot, but All in Vain! Even the local people did not dare to get into the water to save him. It was 20 Ft deep water! They asked his friends to call some divers from the village to help him. All of his friends made their attempts to save him. Two of them jumped into the water to get him, two of them were trying to extend clothes tied together to let him get hold of it and come out, three of them ran to the village to get some help, others started calling to get some help. He came out thrice but every time from a new location with his hands asking for help and eyes wide open with horror (I am sorry but I won’t be able to describe in more detail here) and so none of the people around could succeed in saving his LIFE………. Who must have thought before going there that their picnic is going to turn into such a Big Tragedy!!!!

I too couldn’t help him. All of us are still feeling guilty about it….. We could not do anything to SAVE his LIFE…… He was the only child to his parents…….. Above all this, HE was not the only one losing his life there. Many people have lost their children, their parents, in a worst case all the three members of a single family had drowned there in order to save each other. We were informed by the local people there that more than 600 people had already lost their lives there, before 10th of July 2015…….. I am not sure about the current official figure……

Children of various ages bunk their schools and colleges to visit this place. We all know that the DAMs are meant for the purpose of conservation of water and are not supposed to be used as a water sport area. But, looking at the popularity of the place many youngsters daily visit the place for fun……. Swimmers as well as non-swimmers jump into the water to enjoy the water……..We request the people to visit the place to enjoy it’s beauty and request them not to enter the water to threaten their valuable LIVES……

Is this Sign Board enough to STOP people from losing their lives????????

Is the earnings of the villagers from that spot more worth than the Lives of the Visitors?

We plead the governing Authorities to take proper measures for the safety of the people visiting the place……….

Many measures can be taken to prevent the people from entering the water like properly fencing the area, appointing security personals to prevent the entry in the water, displaying the number of Lives swallowed by the Mahi River, appointing rescue teams & Ambulance in order to provide immediate Help to the drowning people, and many more…..

Dear Readers! Kindly help us reduce our guilts……

Please spread this word as far as possible, so that we do not have to grieve on the loss of any more lives entering the water of the Dam for making fun.

We would be glad to hear any suggestions on the security measures that can be taken to stop the people from playing with their Lives…….


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