Peaceful Vadodara

Yes, you read it right…… Peaceful Vadodara….. I said so because we feel so…. We have been to many places but found no other place better than Vadodara to live in……..Vadodara is our home town, and so obviously I have a non-ending list of things to share with you people.

We are here to present you the unseen aspects of Vadodara….. So we won’t be giving you the formal information about Vadodara here.

Let’s start our journey of exploring Vadodara………

Being the third largest city of Gujarat, Vadodara has been blessed with wonderful names – The Cultural Capital of Gujarat, Sayaji Nagari, Sanskari Nagari, Graceful City Of Palaces, Garden City, City Of Lakes and a few more in the list.

Vadodara is full of beautiful attractions – It has a huge variety of places to be visited, Historical Palaces & Monuments, Ancient Temples, Artistic Step Wells, Beautiful Gardens &  Lakes………….

The Most admirable part of Vadodara is that it is ranked as the Second most safe city in India. Females here can roam about alone without fearing from the eve teasers.

Throughout the World, we are commonly known as the Barodians……..

Barodians are full of Life. They keep finding ways to celebrate Life. And hence, each and every festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Vadodara. They are seen to be gathered in a large number making celebrations.

Even India V/S Pakistan Cricket Matches are enjoyed in huge gatherings and of course needless to mention here, that the Indian Victory is celebrated not less than the Diwali celebrations. The markets are always seen completely packed by the people finding ways to celebrate the coming festival. Each and every festival has been given a lot of importance in Vadodara.

Even every weekend is celebrated with lots of excitement. Sunday Mornings are celebrated by getting together at Happy/Fun Streets whereas the evenings are celebrated throughout Vadodara. Many malls bring in various ideas of fun activities like Children Competitions, Musicals Events, Festive Celebrations, Women Encouragement Events, some groups perform at our very famous Amphi-Theatre .

Another important segment of Barodians is the Night Life in Vadodara. And here I would like to mention that Vadodara’s Best Night Life can be experienced during the Navratri. People from all over the World are seen in Vadodara during the Navratri festival. Vadodara is famous for its Traditional way of celebrating Navratri on the largest scale in Gujarat. Vadodara also has a Ratri Bazaar which is a food zone and is seen occupied with the foodies of Vadodara until 1.00 a.m.

Stay tuned with us for more details on exploring Vadodara………


  • harsh (#)
    February 21st, 2018

    ratri bazaar is open till 3:00 am


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