SOLAN – With the Oldest Treasures of Himachal

Solan district in Himachal Pradesh, is another must to be visited places in Himachal Pradesh. Solan has a few more names, “The Mushroom city of India” and “City of Red Gold” which are more popular than the real name, Solan. The names clearly suggest the production capacity of Mushrooms and the Red Gold (Tomatoes). Along with these, the city is also known for its attractions like Menri Monastery and Kuthar Fort. Other beautiful places to be visited in Solan are as follows:

Menri Monastery

Menri Monastery is said to be one of the oldest Monasteries in India. It is perhaps the most peaceful and on the same hand the most colourful place of Solan District in Himachal as it is built on a small hill. It perfectly reprints the Tibetan Culture, the Bon sect and the essence of Buddhism.

Kuthar Fort

Kuthar Fort, like Menri Monastery is very famous in Solan. It is said to be built around 800 years back and hence is believed to be the oldest architectural area representing the history of that time. The fort justifies covering a very large area of the hill embracing some beautiful fresh water springs, gardens, historical building structures and a beautiful panoramic view of the city from the fort.

Shoolini Mata Temple

One of the oldest temple of Solan district in Himachal, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Shoolini. The temple organizes a grand annual fair every year in the month of June and that’s the time when Solan is seemed to be the most  busy place as it has a lot of devotees visiting the temple.

Mohan Shakti National Park

Unlike other attractions, this is surrounded by the hills on all the sides and is built in a valley. Mohan Shakti National Park is not actually a park but a huge temple with beautifully carved marble sculptures of Gods and Goddesses in the temple. The Park also has some awesome lively sculptures of Gods and Goddesses depicting some ancient stories in the park surrounding the temple. Reaching the park is a bit difficult as it has some steep ways.

Jatoli Shiv Temple

The Jatoli Shiv Temple is considered to be the tallest Shiv Temple in Asia, which brings in many pilgrims every year here to have the blessings from Lord Shiva. Beautifully carved are the walls of the temple. The temple offers lunch (langara) to all the devotees on every Sunday afternoons which is really not worth having a miss out. It has a water body around which is said to have some divine majesty of curing from the skin diseases.

Solan Brewery

Solan Brewery again adds one more place for the Solan District in Himachal to be host to one of the oldest Brewery in Asia. It is said to have been established in the year 1855. Old Monk, Lion Beer and Golden Eagle are a few very well known brands from this Brewery.

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