VAHERAKHADI – A Perfect Blend Of Religious And Water Body

Vaherakhadi is a small village in the District of Anand. It is approximately 35 kms from Vadodara. Vaherakhadi has a part of the village just adjacent to the Mahi River. Going through the fields of bananas, the way reaches to the crossroad, that leads to two ways – one takes you towards the village and the other towards the most amazing place in the Anand District.

Vaherakhadi is not so popular because many people living around Vaherakhadi do not know about this place. It has recently been developed to a great extent. Earlier there was a small temple on the bank of the river with only a small stream of water flowing through it. One more temple was located on the upper part of the location which had a sunset point being used for photo sessions, special location for the selfie lovers. Both of us were quite fond of this place for its beauty as well as the peace that was felt in the air at Vaherakhadi.

Recently we had made up our mind of going to Vaherakhadi again and were really surprised to see so many changes there. One small temple had been converted to three good big temples. A small stream had been replaced by a very good water body. Earlier this place wasn’t used for religious purposes and today it is being used as a religious place.

On the way towards the Vaherakhadi Riverfront, there is a very big Temple of Lord Rama. The temple has many small temples of other Gods and Goddesses in the compound of the main temple. It is a must to be visited temple if you are on that road. The way has many boards to show you the way towards the Vaherakhadi River front. Vaherakhadi also has many restaurants now that come on the way to the Vaherakhadi Riverfront.


There are three temples on the Vaherakhadi Riverfront. The temples there have been witnessing many different types of religious activities that are being performed there by the local as well as the priests coming there along with the visitors. The rites are being performed at the Riverfront as well, which is a negative part as it spoils the beauty of the location and even pollutes the water of the River Mahi. There are many people who visit Vaherakhadi Riverfront only for enjoying the water there. The most amusing part of the place for us there was in the water near the Lord Shiva Temple. That part of the river had so many small fishes. It feels as if you are watching a large aquarium and the only difference here is that, it is an aquarium in the lap of nature.


As we all know, every story has two sides, let’s see the other part of the story….. The water isn’t very deep near the temples but as one goes away from the temples it becomes deeper and that’s the reason motor boats are there to take you to the other side of the river. Unlike Galteshwar and like Sindhrot Check Dam, Vaherakhadi Riverfront also does not have any security people warning you from going into the deeper water.

We believe that our enjoyment lies in our hands only, and so we should take care of ourselves as well people around us so that our enjoyment does not  end up in some tragedy. Please keep safe while you are in any sort of water body.

Happy Travelling……..


  • Parsottam F Patel (#)
    July 13th, 2019

    Nice place


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